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Inspired by nature.
Applied to business.

Unleash your 'naturabilities' to reach new heights

Let's take a look

Employees getting demotivated?

Leaders started loosing the grip?

Unsure about your next career move?

We can help.

At Nature Motivation, we use data and bio metrics to develop the leaders and organizations of tomorrow and we do it in a very unique way.

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Our Services


Team Development

Boost employees motivation through tailored programs and activities.

Leadership selection & development

Bring out your 'naturability' to lead and inspire others around you.

Career development

Feel truly empowered and boost your career to unthinkable heights.

How it works


Initial 15-minute consultation to identify your needs.

Individuals | Teams | Leaders


Online or in-person diagnostic tool.
We identify the areas of development and provide a full report with recommendations applicable to your case.


Developing intervention plan.
We prepare and execute a tailor-made program to achieve the desired results,

including our exclusive coaching sessions with horses

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Coaching with horses

Through their behavior, horses reflect the behavior of the people they are interacting with. It’s in horses’ nature to seek confident and trustworthy leaders. During the sessions we will execute activities that will bring out your 'naturability' to lead and maximise your potential.

We all know that animals can sense fear. They can also sense confidence. They need to trust the humans around them, otherwise they will not follow your lead. People and teams are the same. We just don’t see it on the obvious “surface” of our interactions.

Michele Damone,
Founder of Nature Motivation

What our clients say

Michele will take you through a journey of self discovery, probing you to dig deeper and gain an understanding of your true inner self. He helped me to unlock my limiting beliefs and made me realize abilities can be cultivated and not to look at failure as a condemnation despite the many mistakes I inevitably made. It is often that we believe that the attainment of certain titles or lack thereof should define who we are. Michele will encourage you to learn from your experiences and continue digging in and focus towards your goal. I do recommend his sessions especially if you feel you have given life your best shot but are still coming up short. Maybe you need to change your approach. He will guide you through this.

Individual Client

Clients we worked with


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Raiffeisen Bank International


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UN System Staff College







Contact Us

Dietrichgasse 16, 1030 Vienna, Austria

+43 664 41 09 192

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