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Nature Motivation is a boutique consultancy that unleashes the limitless potential of organizations through people and nature.

Why Nature Motivation

At Nature Motivation, we have a unique approach to helping individuals and teams attain authenticity, create more trust and deliver better results. Our unique coaching programs knit together nature with leadership in a truly inspiring way.

We recognize and integrate nature into our programs. With extensive training in psychometrics and deeper communication signals, we help you develop leadership and personal expression that motivates people, builds trust, and creates an open environment for all team members to contribute fully. 

Many of our programs start out with psychometric testing, followed by analysis. The work then progresses to 1:1 coaching for either individual career-journey planning, or leadership and team dynamics coaching. Many of our clients also choose to progress together in a multi-day workshop where we help the team understand some of the more subtle cues in communication that go a long way in guiding your leadership abilities. 

“Our mission is to close the gap between nature and the human-world by training as many people as possible for them to learn from animals and nature. ”

Michele Damone, founder of Nature Motivation

Our Team


Michele Damone

Founder of Nature Motivation

Nature & Leadership

We work with animals in our programs because animals and humans have a special relationship of unspoken trust. If you’ve ever watched professional horse shows, the rider must communicate silently with the horse so they move as one throughout the course. If the rider is confused, afraid, or unsure, the horse will sense it and will be agitated rather than smooth.


A horse performs at it’s best when paired with an unconfused, confident rider. A rider who adjusts without fear and trepidation to the course, even if either one stumbles along the way. The greatest riders know when to lead, and when to follow their horse. The same rules apply to leaders, their teams, and the broader organizations in which they interact.


Join us at Nature Motivation, and explore any one of our unique professional development programs designed to discover your unique leadership skills and unleash your full potential and bring your whole self to your personal and professional life.

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Coaching with horses

Try our exclusive offer inspired by nature and applied to leadership development. Through facilitated interactions with horses, you will discover the power of non-verbal communication, build your intuition skills, and practice dialing your energy up and down for greater impact.

Why horses?

Through their behavior, horses reflect the behavior of their owners or the people they are interacting with. If you are confident, they are too; if you are unsure, they are too. It’s in horses’ nature to seek confident and trustworthy leaders. Horses communicate based on what they feel and their safety relies on how well they can sense danger. They can sense if a person is projecting happiness but is full of anxiety inside, and will act frustrated as a result.

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About the experience

The teams who progress to these fun, engaging and unique group sessions will walk away with a better understanding of how animals communicate, and what we can learn from them.  We focus on improving the unique human-to-human interaction involved building and sustaining trust. But we do it differently. We tap into a hidden inner quality that most people don’t realize they have.  

We provide a fun, safe, and effective way to experience animal-human interactions to help you understand the secrets to great leadership. Through interspecies communication techniques, you’ll learn how to use body language and non-verbal communication to achieve mutual understanding and complete specific tasks. Equine Facilitated Learning is an emerging field that offers powerful learning experiences for professionals interested in leadership and self-development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is not therapy; it's a service that helps healthy, courageous people achieve more success.

What are your fees?

Please refer to the services page 

for full program description, dates and fees.

Do I need to know how to ride a horse?

Not at all.  Sessions are performed "foot to ground" and no prior experience with horses is required.

How to book a class?

Please reach out at info@nature-motivation.com or WhatsApp us at +43 664 41 09 192