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About Us

Nature Motivation is a boutique consultancy that unleashes the limitless potential of organizations through people and nature.

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Our Story

At Nature Motivation, we have a unique approach to helping individuals and teams attain authenticity, create more trust and deliver better results. Our unique coaching programs knit together profiling and nature in a truly inspiring way.


We recognize and integrate nature into our programs. With extensive training in profiling, we help identify hidden talents that, when developed, can boost leadership and personal expression to motivate people, build trust, and create an open environment for all team members to contribute fully. 


Many of our programs start out with psychometric testing, followed by profiling. The work then progresses to 1:1 coaching for either individual career-journey planning, or leadership and team dynamics coaching. Many of our clients also choose to progress together in a multi-day workshop where we help the team understand some of the more subtle cues in communication that go a long way in guiding your leadership abilities. 

We are a a network of internationally recognized professionals in the areas of leadership coaching, talent profiling and performance development. 

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