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Development Centers & Psychometrics

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Service Description

Use psychometric testing and analysis for ideal candidate selection and the most effective development centers. Psychometric testing is becoming more common in workplaces. It can serve as just one component of the job application process to assess specific characteristics desired to fill a position. This may include verbal or numerical reasoning tests to find out one’s aptitude for verbal comprehension, working with numbers or reasoning skills. It’s not uncommon for organizations to give personality tests to help assess candidate and whether they would in fact be a great fit for the role and the company. Many high-performing organizations also incorporate psychometric testing into the performance planning process. They many find it to be a valuable tool to identify where employees require additional training or coaching to be more successful in their current jobs, or to prepare them to advance within their careers. It’s easy to see how psychometric testing can be helpful to employers in recruiting the perfect candidate. You can also appreciate that forward-thinking managers and human resource departments find this type of evaluation useful to support the continued growth of employees. And by meeting both employee and company needs simultaneously, employees feel invigorated and empowered. Psychometric testing geared to candidate selection, development centers and talent management falls into three general categories: Occupational interests – explore what you values, motivations, and opinions on a range of subjects. The results are used to suggest what particular occupations are best suited for the candidate. Personality – examine personal traits and behavioral styles, predominantly how one interacts with the environment and other people in it. These tests assess the major aspects of the participant’s personality, such as whether they’re more extraverted or introverted, how openly they communicate, their level of agreeableness, how conscientiously they behave, and any neurotic tendencies. Abilities – Personal strengths and weaknesses with respect to certain tasks are the focus of aptitude tests. Typically, these use a number of measures to assess various abilities as well as reasoning skills that are necessary for problem solving. The results may demonstrate that the test taker has highly developed verbal reasoning skills, excels at technical tasks or is very artistic, for example. Drive your teams & organizations to their limitless potential!

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