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Why can horses boost your leadership as an executive?

At Nature Motivation, the great outdoors is our classroom and horses are our co-facilitators. Today, let's trot through a real-life example that showcases how leadership coaching with horses isn't just an alternative approach but a direct route to the heart of effective leadership.

A Herd of Challenges for Executives

Picture this: a group of seasoned executives, masters of boardrooms, and connoisseurs of corporate strategies, standing in an open field faced with a task they've never encountered in any seminar: moving a herd of horses. No laptops, no Wi-Fi, just real, raw communication and the need to think outside the box.

These leaders were confronted with a situation that mirrored workplace dynamics but stripped of the usual tools and comfort zones. To move the herd, they had to quickly adapt, embracing creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving. Each horse, like each team member back at the office, had its own temperament and required a different approach.

The Arena as a Mirror

The arena became a mirror, reflecting how each leader reacted under pressure and uncertainty. Some tried to command the horses, others tried to coax them, and a few initially stood still, overwhelmed by the unfamiliar challenge. It was a powerful moment of self-reflection, revealing their default leadership styles when the go-to playbooks didn't apply.

As the exercise unfolded, these executives learned to let go of control and to lead with intention and empathy. They discovered that influence without authority was not only possible but remarkably effective. The horses didn't care about their titles or past achievements; they responded only to genuine leadership.

Transferable Skills from the Field to the Office

Post-session reflections were eye-opening. Many executives noted parallels between the herd dynamics and their teams, recognizing how at work, they might have reacted with lessons from the past rather than adapting to the present. They saw value in leading with presence and emotional intelligence, fostering a team environment where each 'member' felt seen and motivated.

A Unique Learning Experience

By the end of the program, the group had not only successfully moved the herd but also shifted their own leadership paradigms. They acknowledged this unique experience as one that awakened dormant skill sets—resilience, adaptability, and the kind of leadership that inspires without a word spoken.

This is the essence of what we do at Nature Motivation. We create spaces where leaders can confront new challenges, learn in the moment, and translate those lessons into their professional lives. It's about harnessing the unexpected to illuminate the path to personal growth and team success.

Applying Behavioral Science with Horses

All of this is possible because we apply behavioral science knowledge to our the leadership coaching with horses. We recognize the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural, and social factors on the decisions and actions of humans. In the context of leadership development, this helps us understand how leaders can influence their teams, drive change, and foster a positive work culture.

The perfect catalyst animals: horses

Horses, with their natural herd dynamics and non-verbal communication, act as a perfect catalyst for uncovering these behavioral intricacies. Their interactions with humans can reveal patterns of leadership behavior, including how we respond to new challenges, our ability to adapt, and our propensity for empathy and collaboration.

Our leadership coaching with horses is strongly based on experiential learning, in which leaders learn through experience, more specifically, through reflection on doing. It is a hands-on approach that encourages leaders to develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting.

Horses provide an immersive experiential learning environment. When executives step into the arena, they're engaged in a real-life situation that demands physical presence, mental agility, and emotional intelligence—key components of effective leadership.


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