Talent Profiling

Learn your unique talents, personality traits and metrics to improve you career and life!

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Service Description

Learn what your unique skills, personality traits and metrics really are, and use this data to set your life's path and career journey . Define ways to achieve a more professionally-rewarding as well as personally-fulfilling career. Psycho- and Bio-metrics are great way to align your whole self to a path that's uniquely perfect for you. No two people are the same. Even identical twins have very different thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Some people may be more anxious, while others are more calm. Some may be more outgoing and gregarious, while others are more solitary and happy with their own company. Our "Talent Profiling" is the process we use to assess the personality traits and an individual's career or working potential -- the things that drive us are as different as any physical characteristics. The goal is to learn how the personality variables (e.g. interests, motivations, numerical abilities, values, tasks/people, agility) influence preferences and behaviors in the workplace. The psychometric view of personality, then, focuses on how we can scientifically measure human characteristics and in a reliable and meaningful way. Psychometric tests can include measures of cognitive ability such as verbal reasoning as well as measures of personality traits such as extraversion/introversion, task/people, planning/organising, agility, interests and motivations. Young Professional pack: (870,00 euros): Psychometric test (as described above) and a brief report highlighting the results and development areas. Afterward, the individual is able to identify career paths that align to his/her interests, talents and values, coupled with his/her inner motivation. This is especially helpful in searching job postings, or drafting cover letters or application writing. Executives Selection Pack: (1670,00 euro): detailed psychometric analysis; one session to probe the results of the psychometric and a final detailed report including a summary of personality traits, management competences and leadership success factors is provided. This is especially helpful for organizations looking for the next executive or designing their internal assessment centers. Executive Development Pack: (550 euro/monthly per 6 months): includes the Advanced Pack; a bio-metric analysis (e.g. Heart Rate Variability), 6 months long program with weekly support by a Health professional trainer that will devise your unique performance program.

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